Ch. Thimble Farm Cirque du Soleil

Well it didn’t take very long.  Dewey became a Champion pretty quickly.  He’s hoping to come back out as a Special next year!  Dewey is a gorgeous smooth faced variety Pyrenean Shepherd with perfect natural ears.  Prelim hip x-rays say “yes!”


Lauren and Magic

Here is Lauren Hull with Thimble Farm The Magic Word after just one of her wins in AKC Junior Handling.  What a wonderful pair they are after 5 in a row wins in heavy competition.  Oh I forgot to mention that Magic is just a 15-month old puppy!  Congratulations Lauren!


Look at what a beautiful boy Ozzie has grown into!  He is just amazing.  Jeff and Karen say he is the sweetest ever.


And here is Lita, Ozzie’s sister.  They are a loving pair of Great Pyrenees!